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Domestic Glazing Services in London


Eighty per cent of our business comprises household glazing repairs. We know how important it is to keep your home safe and we pride ourselves on offering a great service at our usual competitive price in London. Securing your property with windows that are strong and serviceable and will keep the weather out is very important to you. And that means that it is very important to us too! That football kicked through the kitchen window is a common call out but we will always be there for you and while you deal with your junior footballer we will deal with the repair. Whatever you need or if you just want advice we will be happy to talk you through your options for glazing and even lead-lights, stained or patterned glass or kitty’s cat flap!


Domestic Glazing Repairs and Installation

Whatever the type of glass you have in your home or outbuildings and garages, we will carry out expert domestic glazing repairs for glass doors and windows, of course, but we will also do an expert job on your roof-lights, lead-lights and if the football game goes indoors and the mirror is knocked off the wall, then we can help with that as well! Working with glass is a skill that requires expertise and we ensure that all the people that work for us are expert in what they do. In this way we can ensure that you always get the best result whether that is an urgent repair or the installation of new glass. Smart, courteous and efficient are words that sum up our workforce. We are always tidy and will not leave a mess for you to clear up once the work is finished.

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