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3 Causes of Cracked or Broken Windows to Get Them Fixed

3 Causes of Cracked or Broken Windows to Get Them Fixed

Posted On: 10th Jun 2020

What can be worse than sitting in the kitchen table and enjoying your cup of coffee while there is a small crack in the window one morning? The next thing you will have to ask yourself is how this has taken place and how you can fix the problem quickly. If there is a cracked or broken window, then this can occur due to several reasons. However, despite of the damage caused, it should be addressed soon because it is costing you more almost everyday. According to our London Glazing team, there are some possible causes and solutions.

  1.  Causes of stress cracks – A stress crack in an insulated glass window is a crack that begins small which is somewhat near the edge of the window. This usually continues to grow and spread around the glass. The common cause of stress cracks is extreme fluctuations in the temperature. For example, if it is a cold day and you crank your heat up drastically to keep yourselves warm. This will be same in case of outside temperature too. When the outside temperature falls suddenly, the windows may get cracked too. A stress crack can even take place from the windows falling or slamming them shut and so, you should be gentle.
  2.  Causes of impact breaksAn impact break is actually a broken window that occurs due to a neighborhood ballgame hit, lawn mower, a golf swing gone in the wrong way or a rock propelled by a weed eater. These are generally characterized and can be identified easily due to a starburst pattern that radiates outward from the point of impact. If there is an impact break in your house, try to clean up the glass on your floor but do not attempt to remove the broken glass on your own. It is advised to call experienced glaziers in order to prevent any kind of unwanted injuries in the home.
  3. Causes of pressure cracksPressure cracks are less common and generally seem to come from nowhere. They are commonly found in double-paned windows, insulated glass, or and caused due to drastic pressure system that changes due to weather condition r when windows are installed at an elevation level which is too high or too low. These cracks usually seem to curve in the shape of an hourglass and will possibly lead to a complete window replacement. 

How you can fix the problem of cracked or broken windows

When replacing window glass that works in certain situations, it is considered to be a temporary fix which needs to be changed immediately. In case you want to ensure that these problems are resolved completely and won’t occur again, it is suggested to hire a certified professional who can replace the windows properly and tell if the newly installed glasses are the perfect fit. Though this solution might be a costly option, leaving this problem unresolved will actually cost you more in paying the energy bills as those cracks can leave a way for air to come and go always.

Thus, small cracks found in the windows will only get worse over time and so, you need not wait for long. It is advised to hire a glazier who is working in an emergency glass repair company in London and try to solve these issues as soon as possible.