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Tips to Keep Your Sliding Doors Open and Shut Smoothly

Tips to Keep Your Sliding Doors Open and Shut Smoothly

Posted On: 26th Apr 2017

Gliding doors look chic and make any building appear more attractive. You do not need muscle power to glide a sliding patio door along its track. A sliding door should move easily, without applying physical force. Ideally, you should be able to open it with one hand while holding a round of drinks in the other. If it takes a greater force to slide open, then it is time to do some cleaning work on it.

According to professional glaziers in London, in course of time, the tracks of sliding doors get clogged with dirt, hair and food debris. These substances prevent the normal, effort-less sliding of those doors. Professionals from a reputed glazing company in London suggest cleaning the tracks from time to time on regular basis to avoid this problem.

Here are some tried and tested tips for you.

  • Take a screwdriver with flattened head and use it gently to scrub the dirt and debris deposited along the tracks.
  • You also need to scrape out the debris deposited on the wheels. These doors basically work on the concept of friction and thus, the wheels play a major role on their opening and shutting.
  • To fine tune your goal, use a piece of rag and denatured alcohol to wipe the wheels clean of any unwanted deposition of debris on them.
  • Many glass glazing experts suggest using silicone spray to lubricate the wheels, because this is the only lubricant that does not hold dirt.
  • Dip a small piece of cloth in alcohol and use it to wipe the head track of your sliding doors. Then, apply silicone spray to keep them smoothly running for months together.
  • As far as cleansing the bottom track is concerned, first vacuum it to take out the loose debris deposit.
  • Then thoroughly clean the track with alcohol, which is an excellent cleansing agent.

Experts from a reputed glass repairs company in the city suggest you to apply greater quantity of silicone lubricant to the lower track to keep the sliding doors open and shut effortlessly. The tips given above, if followed properly, will prove helpful to open and shut your sliding doors everytime without applying physical strength.

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