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Window Maintenance Tips for This Winter

Easy and Effective Window Maintenance Tips for This Winter

Posted On: 23rd Dec 2019

The festive time has arrived again accompanied by some chilly weather. As we are going through the last few days of the year, preparation is in full gear to usher in the Christmas and the New Year of 2020. Central heating systems across both residential and commercial buildings are busy turning up the heat to keep the indoors warm and cosy.

But, this can affect your windows, warn skilled and experienced glaziers. Thanks to the ever-improving technology, windows are gradually becoming increasingly more efficient with time. However, they still require some care and maintenance to ensure efficient service for years ahead.

Professionals associated with the glazing industry in London have some effective tips to help you maintain your windows better.

Easy and smart windows maintenance tips

  • Condensation developing on window

A large section of society believes that condensation developing on windows exhibits low-quality design and inefficiency. That is usually not the case. What happens when you take out a bottle of chilled water from the refrigerator and leave it in the room during the summer? After some time, the cold bottle attracts moisture suspended in the warmer air. This moisture settles down on the bottle surface and you can literally see those particles in the form of water droplets. The same happens when your window condenses, mentions a skilled mechanic dealing in double glazing window repair across London.

  • Condensation on the exteriors

In the winters, condensation appears on the windows exterior. This ensures that your windows are highly efficient in preventing cold air from the outdoors from entering into your home and keeping your indoors warm and cosy. These days, as windows are becoming more and more energy-efficient, condensation on the external surface of your windows is becoming increasingly prominent.

There is no need to worry about external condensation on windows. The condensed water particles automatically disappear as and when the outdoor temperature rises.

  • Condensation on the interiors

In certain cases, internal condensation may occur due to reduced ventilation. This phenomenon is more common during the winter. As the outside temperature drops, we avoid opening doors and windows in an attempt to keep the indoors warm.

But a little circulation of fresh air inside the rooms is essential to avoid this window issue. You can put your windows on night vent to tackle the problem of internal condensation.

A night vent is a specially designed locking system that allows you to increase the quantity of air flow into the room through windows without opening them or leaving them open.

You may also switch on the bathroom and kitchen fans after bathing or cooking for around 15 to 20 minutes. This is an effective way to minimise moisture from the indoors.

General window care tips

The glass pane is not the only window component that requires your care and attention during winters. Handles, joints, hinges and locks too need some care and maintenance for the entire window unit to work smoothly. Lubricate every moving part of a window unit. Regular cleaning and lubricating of window hardware allows for smooth, effortless operation of the entire unit and less locking of the joints.  

Windows that develop air gaps and broken hinges or joints prove troublesome in the winter. If you suspect your windows are damaged and have developed air gaps to allow cold air from outside flowing indoors, here is a useful tip to identify those air gaps. Lit a candle and hold it at a safe distance from the window frame. Move it slowly along the joining between the window pane and the frame. If the flame flickers at some point, you have discovered an air gap.

However, you need professional help to fix this problem. Skilled glazing experts can easily solve the problem without having the window replaced. Window replacement may be required when condensation builds up in between the glass panes in double or triple glazing windows. You are free to contact our local glaziers in London. We handle all these window-related problems and much more at a cost that easily fits every pocket.