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5 Symptoms That Tell It Is Time To Replace Rooftop Windows

5 Symptoms That Tell It Is Time To Replace Rooftop Windows

Posted On: 4th Mar 2020

Roof windows are the best option when it comes to letting natural light and warmth into your indoors. But just like anything, the life of roof windows is limited. How will you know that it is time for replacing the existing roof window? A glazier in London shares some tried and tested tips in the following paragraphs of this blog post to help you out with the matter.    

  • Roof windows start leaking

If you identify a leaking skylight or roof window, you know it is about time for an immediate replacement. Qualified professionals dealing in emergency glazing in London suggest that if you ignore the window leaks, you should better be prepared for more serious damage to the walls, flooring, furniture and even the ceiling. The cost of repairing water damaged property or building always outweighs that of roof window replacement.

  • Condensation forming around the roof windows

If you notice condensation forming around your roof windows, it’s a tell-tale sign that the windows are no more sealed properly. This particular problem has the potential to damage the entire roof. Get such leaky, condensing roof windows replaced at the earliest.

  • Cracks in the window pane

In the absence of a roller shutter, the glass pane of a window is always vulnerable to cracks. A powerful hailstorm or a falling tree branch is mostly responsible for this damage. Roof windows with cracked panes must be replaced without delay to save your property from further damage resulting from window leaks.

  • Discolouration

Rooftop windows are constantly exposed to the sun and other external climatic conditions. As a result, they can turn a shade of yellow. Though this is an aesthetic issue, it also minimises the amount of natural light coming into your indoors. Unfortunately you cannot reverse this effect. As a preventive measure, install blinds to the exteriors of your roof windows – like awning blinds or roller shutters. Consider replacing the roof window once the discolouration has set in.

  • Roof replacement

If you are replacing the entire roof, just don’t hesitate replacing the roof windows. Fitting an existing roof window perfectly into a reconstructed roof is more difficult than you can imagine. As a result, it often leads to the problem of leaking skylights. Replacing the roof window flashings from time to time ensures a weather-tight seal on your property. Flashings are available in a wide range of colours and styles. Thus getting the perfect fit for your new roof material is never difficult.

Trained professionals associated with the London glazing industry suggest the tips discussed above. Follow these tips to keep your home protected from weather damages caused by faulty rooftop windows.