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Basic Window Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Windows

Basic Window Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Windows

Posted On: 7th Sep 2021

Windows are one of the major features of any building. They prevent the outside world from interfering in your privacy. They keep the outdoor climate out of your home. They let the natural light and air flow into your indoors. They protect you and your household from wild animals and burglars. In addition to the facts mentioned above, windows also connect you to the big, vast world beyond the four walls of your home.

As windows play such a crucial role in your life, it is your duty to take proper care of them to ensure they have a smooth and long life too. In this context a glaziers in London, who also performs emergency glazing, says more than the windows their frames and glazing undergo normal wear and tear with the passage of time.  It is to be noted that this glazing professional has years of experience in the industry and also owns an office on Crampton Road.

In the following paragraphs, the expert shares some tips to extend the life of your window frames and glasses.

Tips to extend the life of your window frames and glasses

Keep the windows clean:

It is obvious that everyone understands the importance of keeping their windows clean. The point to note here is you must be aware what you’re cleaning the windows with. Certain commercial window cleaning items are meant to be applied to particular surfaces. If you mistakenly apply them to other window surfaces, they may cause damage.

Cleaning uPVC window frames:

uPVC window frames usually don’t get dirty but grime can build up on them. Wiping with a soft cloth soaked in a solution of water and a cleansing liquid is the best way to remove the grime buildup. Ensure no grime deposits around the corners or the seals. Avoid using any chemical or abrasive cleansing product for uPVC window frames.

Wooden window frames:

Old wooden frames rot with time and so you need to pay them more attention. But the modern variety of wooden window frames can be cleaned more or less in the procedure mentioned above. Professional glaziers suggest keep treating and painting the areas that have started to give way to lengthen the overall life of a wooden unit.

Aluminum window frames:

Aluminum frames are either provided with a wood-like coating on the exterior or just left with their natural metallic finishing. Unlike wooden or certain other frames, they don’t succumb to rusting or get perished. A soft piece of cloth and soapy water are all you need to keep them clean. At the most you may consider using a gentle non-abrasive cleanser to keep aluminum window frames in your home clean.

Cleaning window glasses or panes:

Cleaning the panes is much easier but because of their lack of knowledge and inexperience, people usually use the wrong cleansing products for cleaning them. Any commercial glazing solution meant for cleaning window panes should never be used on the frames. After the window panes are cleaned, wipe them dry using newspaper to avoid stains left by dried up moisture.  

Professionals associated with a leading glazing company in London also suggest going by the tips discussed above to ensure your windows last longer and work smoothly. Follow these tips to make the most out of your window investments.