Tips to Board Up Your UPVC Window DIY

Board Up Your UPVC Window DIY in 7 Easy Steps

Posted On: 24th Mar 2020

Broken windows usually invite trouble. Neither they can keep out vandals nor can they save you from harsh weather. If you do not fix such problems urgently, the repair cost often spirals up to create a pinch in your pocket. DIY is the ongoing trend everywhere. People no more shell out money to small jobs that they can tackle themselves.

But boarding up UPVC windows is not that easy if you do not the right trick. Let us explore that in seven easy steps.

Collect the right tools for the job

Make sure you have the following items in your property manager's tool box. Each of the items mentioned here is available at your neighbourhood home improvement store.

  • Leather gloves
  • A pair of safety glasses
  • Heavy trash bags
  • Masking tape
  • Packing tape
  • Staple gun and tape measure
  • Plywood sheets, with half-inch thickness
  • Needle point screws, power drill and circular saw

If you are making use of a ladder then you also need a working partner to be on the safer side. This buddy system provides certain benefits.

  • It keeps you safe
  • Manoeuvring plywood sheets becomes easier
  • They can be hold in place much easily with an extra pair of hands on your side

Make sure you are protected

There is always a considerable level of risk involved in working with shattered glass, power tools and damaged wood. Put on your protective gear before getting to work.

Carefully check the broken glass pieces

As you keep working, you may leave cracked panes. But first you should check them to ensure their stability. Use your gloved hands to press gently against damaged glass. Make sure it won't just come off the frame while you are working.

Tape up or take out

You have to use that wide masking tape you bought to secure cracks both inside out. Every pane may not be in a condition to be taped. You have to remove such panes with utmost care and caution. You can start boarding up after the broken panes have been disposed of.

Window and frame measurement

While measuring the window you should consider the outer edges of the frame to get its correct width.

Weather shield

You have to ensure bad weather does not find its way through your board-up. In order to play safe do not stop short from covering the taped panes with heavy plastic trash bags. Use clear packaging tape inside out to secure the trash bags to the frame.

Carefully measure, cut and drill

Be very careful while measuring the plywood sheet and cut it to size using a circular saw. Referring to your frame measurement readings, drill pilot holes in the plywood. Make sure the holes align with the middle of the window frame.

Mount and secure before calling it a day

This is the final stage of your DIY project. Place the plywood over the covered window. Better ask your buddy to give you a hand. Use those pilot holes you created to secure the board up using needle point screws and a power drill.   

Licensed glaziers providing emergency board up windows services have some important to share for you. They say this strategy is more time-saving compared to the approach that involves nailing wood in place. You can take down the boarding up much easily too this way.

 However, if you are not confident about handling this task DIY, you should better hire professionals. This task is beyond the scope of routine building maintenance and involves considerable risk.