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Hiring a Good Emergency Glazier

Hiring a Good Glazier for Your Valuable Property

Posted On: 25th Feb 2019

Glazing is a big purchase and you should conduct thorough research when finding a reputed window-sales and installation company. We suggest you:

  • Talk to friends and colleagues, particularly if they have the same kind of properties and seek for recommendations.
  • Check if they are a trusted glazing company in London and its surrounding areas.
  • Ensure your glazier is a specialist and can help you with double-glazing or sash repair.
  • Find companies that can resolve all the problems that the customer may be facing.
  • Fix an estimated budget before contacting the sales representatives.

How you can get glazing quotes

You need to get in touch with at least three glaziers and organise their visit at your home. Some glaziers may try using sales techniques and if a double glazing firm offers attractive discounts, then please be very cautious. A good glazing company will never pressure a potential client into making a decision on the spot.

The main aim of visiting your house should be to get at least three quotes in writing and meet the representatives of the glazing company in London that will work on your property. The price for double-glazing may vary due to slightly different finishes, latches, locks and much more. Some dishonest traders may give you a quote for cheap elements and increase the price later when the design factor will be taken into consideration.

Keep in mind that the cheapest quote may not always be the best but you will have to follow up with customer references and think about the level of professionalism demonstrated during every survey and visit.


When to choose and hire a glazing company


Before agreeing to any kind of work, it is important to know what will happen in case of an accidental damage to your property or the car of your neighbour. The reputed glazing companies will provide an insurance-backed warranty and go through the reviews carefully before proceeding ahead.

Emergency glaziers need to provide a written contract along with the terms and conditions for bigger jobs. Check the below-mentioned points with the glazing company:

  • Do you need to pay penalties for late work?
  • Can prolonged bad weather affect the job?
  • What materials are going to be used and who will supply them?
  • Will you need outsourced labour?
  • What happens if any of the work does not meet your needs?


How you will pay a glazier


You need to agree on a schedule for the payments before starting the work. This will appear in a written form in the contract.

After the work is completed, check your contract once again and see:

  • Has everything been done?
  • Are you satisfied with the work?
  • Has the site been tidied up?
  • Have all the necessary certificates and other paperwork been supplied?

Thus, you should pay for the final installment only once you feel satisfied with the terms of the contract and the work that has been done..