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Home Hacks to Avoid Condensation in Windows

Home Hacks to Prevent Condensation in Double Glazing

Posted On: 21st Apr 2020

Are your double glazing windows getting misted up and water dropping from them every morning? Well, you will really be surprised to know that condensation on the inside or outside window panes of these double glazing is a good thing. This means the windows are working properly to prevent draughts and allow warmth inside as well as keep cold out.

What is condensation in double glazing?

Condensation usually occurs due to moisture in the air that comes in close contact with cold surface like a windowpane. It may become more noticeable after you decide to upgrade to modern glazing option since single glazed windows that are old allow draughts to enter and escape warm air. If the surface temperature of the window falls below the outdoor dew point temperature, condensation will take place on the outside. Condensation on the inside probably occurs due to high humidity in your home at the time of cooking, breathing and showering.

Why is this happening?

It is quite common when the temperatures drop to have condensation on the inside of your windows. You turn on the heating in your house to enjoy warm baths and dry clothes inside. The humidity won’t escape since the windows are working properly which is just awesome for preserving the temperature and your energy bills. It may seem a bit annoying when you wake up to completely fogged up windows.

How can you solve the problem of condensation on windows?

Easy solutions to overcome condensation problem and change double glazing effectively:

Condensation will begin to evaporate in due course but if you need to get rid of it soon, follow the tip s below:

Use hair dryer on the affected area to clear the condensation quickly but it is just an easy quick fix and will not solve the problem. Make sure there aren’t any cracks in the windows before you may apply any kind of heat.

When a customer gives us a call for double-glazed window unit that has an internal condensation problem, we suggest the following DIY tips:

  • Ventilation is the ultimate solution if the condensation remains on the inside window pane. Try to keep the windows open whenever possible after showering. Even a few minutes in the morning will enable air to circulate easily. You can install and use extraction fans in the bathroom.
  • Choose an extractor fan in your kitchen when you cook food and put the lids on saucepans all the time.
  • Try to dry the clothes outside whenever you can.
  • If higher levels of humidity are a continuous problem in your house, then get a dehumidifier. You may opt for affordable ones. They are usually filled with absorbent beads and soaked up with extra moisture.
  • When condensation takes place, you need to remove any water that has been dripped on the window sill. If it is left, it may lead to damp and mold which can be extremely bad for your overall health.

Look for windows that are not working properly

If you detect condensation in between the double glazed window panes, then this might be a cause for concern. It can mean your insulated unit is not working and your seals do not keep the cold out. The problem could be solved by replacing glazing unit or you may have to replace the entire window.

Checklist of rented property condensation

Condensation is a kind of contention between the landlords and the tenants, particularly during the cold. So, above tips can be included in your agreement as a checklist at the start of the tenancy in order to prevent any kind of dispute in future.

Can double glazing windows prevent condensation?

Condensation may be down to inefficient single glazed windows. If this is your case, then installing new double glazing might be the answer to your condensation.

Thus, if you are planning to upgrade to modern aluminium windows or double glazing for to benefit from sound insulation and ultimate heat, then make sure you select the right kind of windows for your home. You may get in touch with glaziers at Glaziers London who can help to improve the look of windows or give advice on reducing the condensation for better efficiency of your property.