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Fixing Common Problems with Double Glazing Option

How to Fix and Solve Common Problems with Double Glazing

Posted On: 11th Dec 2020

It is a misapprehension that double glazing windows which are energy efficient can lessen condensation from your house. But they can make it worse in certain situations. When there is condensation on the windows, this is related to insufficient ventilation and our own behaviours such as not opening the windows after taking showers or cooking with the lids off pans. Contact double glazing repair specialists who can deal with such problems quickly and solve them within the shortest possible time.


Trickle vents can be kept open for providing continuous ventilation which allow proper circulation of air and prevent building-up of condensation without enabling heat to escape in your house. You will find three kinds of trickle vent to select from and these are – through frame, glazed-in and over frame. Though glazed-in ventilation sits at the top of double or triple-glazed unit, over-frame routes ventilation are over the top of the frame in your house.

The common form of window ventilation is through-frame trickle vent which enables fresh-air to enter through the top of window frame. This will be adjusted easily through open and closing mechanism that offer sufficient amount of ventilation. The positive news is that these can be retro-fitted easily to the present windows. The other benefit of choosing through frame trickle vents is that they can be left fully open without having much impact on home security, maintaining air flow and lessening the build-up of condensation, despite whether you are at home or not.

What happens when there is condensation on the outside of windows

The same condition that can cause condensation to form on the inside of windows during cold weather will be applicable outside. This is usually a common problem in autumn to spring when the outer glass pane might drop to a lower temperature than the air around it and thus, the water droplets will form. This isn't really a problem in the summer when the glass is warmer or winter when the air temperature is lower – just in that midway point as the seasons change.


If there is condensation on the outside of windows, then this will go away within a few weeks due to change in weather. It can affect top performing energy efficient double glazed windows and hence, they will keep your house warm from inside.

When happens when there is black mould growing around the window frames

Black mould and mildew usually occur due to improper ventilation, particularly in the areas of your home where air moisture content seems to be high such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Trickle vents are a great help but you must remember to open windows and allow moisture filled air outside your home.

What happens when your windows are misted on the inside

Energy efficient double glazing windows work by forming either one or multiple barriers between the warm air inside your house and cooler air outside it. The empty space between them can be filled with inert gasses that make them more efficient acting just like invisible loft insulation. If the insulated glazed units have become misted, it means the moisture has entered them from the air outside but the gas will have 'leaked' out and the windows won't be working properly and the heating bills might increase.


Glass units can be replaced easily within a few minutes and you should get in touch with a local window fitting company who can make arrangement for the replacement.

What happens when windows catch on the bottom for opening and closing

The opening window sash can catch on the top of the frame when the hinges have dropped or the glass unit has not fitted inside the window sash properly. The hinges will deteriorate over time and the problem may build up for a longer time.

There's a common misconception that windows are 'no maintenance' rather than low maintenance. If the hinges are not oiled and maintained, they can get damaged and even fail to work.


If you have recently fitted new windows, then some minor adjustments can be done to the hinges with fitting or re-packing of the glazed unit inside the window sash. If hinges have worn due to inadequate maintenance, there is an underlying fault and so, they need to be replaced.

How to replace a broken double glazed window handle

The older window handles will fail to lock or clock by forming serious threat for your home's protection. This usually occurs due to poor quality handles which are forced or the main gearing becoming 'dry' due to lack of lubrication to add extra strain at the time of using the handle.


Though it may be an indicator, your windows may become backdated due to their usage and so, most handles need to be replaced. If your windows use single cockspur-type handles, then opt for high security windows that have multi-point locking to anchor opening sash to the frame firmly thus, making it impossible to lever them apart.

How to replace rubber gasket seal around the windows

Window gasket will get worse over time which means they start allowing draughts and weather sealing to become a major problem.


The fixtures on aluminium and timber windows are straighter than PVC-U windows due to the way they have been made.PVC-U windows use a highly sophisticated co-extrusion process that moulds gasket directly into the window frame. This will deliver better performance level since draughts cannot slip in behind, over or between the frame, gasket or sash.

What happens when the white PVC-U windows get discoloured

Some older PVC-U window may become unstable and cause discolouration. You should clean window frames with a cleaner as abrasive cleaners can cause damage to the surface. Though structural integrity of your window remains unaffected, any kind of discolouration or degradation of surface finish might appear unsightly.


Though there are different PVC-U paints available, it is suggested to use them with caution. If the surface of PVC-U window gets damaged or discoloured, this indicates there won't be any scratches and an ideal foundation for paint will be formed. Thus, you may contact experts who offer efficient emergency glazing in London and fix your double glazing problems quickly.