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Boarding up the Windows on a Brick House

How You can Board up Your Windows Made on a Brick House

Posted On: 13th Jul 2020

Are you planning to board up the windows on a brick house? If yes, then this might be a challenging task on your part. You just cannot screw plywood panels right into the brick in the same way you may in a house that has wooden frame. But there are techniques and clips especially made for brick houses that ensure the windows are safe during a storm or when you have to board up windows for the winter or in a vacant house. There are emergency boarding up services available these days and you need to stay prepared for the windows during urgent situations.

  • Measure the width and length of the windows – With the help of a tape measure, you will be able to calculate the width, length and depth of each window in the house. Carry a notepad with you so that you will be able to keep a track of all the measurements and label each set of them properly. You can take 1/4 inch off the measurements all the way in order to know you have 1/8 inch of clearance.
  • Cut the plywood in pieces to fit properly – You will have to spend sufficient time to see that the plywood cuts are done exactly in the way it is needed. The old adage, cut once and measurement twice certainly is applicable when you decide to board up your windows on a brick house. Make sure you label each piece of plywood so that you can find at a glance which window it will exactly go to.
  • Try to fit the plywood into your windows – This is a job that should be done by two people. Fitting the plywood properly into the windows requires some hard work and this cannot be done alone. If you are having large windows, make sure the plywood is cut with accurate measurements so that it fits exactly how it is required.
  • Consider the installation of window clips – Window clips are needed for the houses that have been made of masonry or brick. They have been designed so that they can hold plywood boards securely in proper place. You will usually require two clips for each window and the clips should be within 24 inches when installed with the tension legs that are facing out and towards you.
  • Press the board firmly into the window – It is necessary to press board securely and tighten the clip as much as possible. Make sure the fit has been made secure and tight. If required, you can adjust the tension on the clips till the right fit has been achieved. You will have to repeat the procedure for every window that should be boarded up.

You will have to get in touch with professionals who provide emergency window board up services in London and its surrounding areas. This way, you can be assured of getting all kinds of emergency works done from them and solve your issues at the earliest possible time.