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Modern Glazing Solutions for Noise Reduction at Your Home

Modern Glazing Solutions for Noise Reduction at Your Home

Posted On: 4th Oct 2019

Any unwanted sound can be described as noise. In a home, any sound that disturbs or distracts its occupants is identified as noise. A glazing mechanic in London says that typical noise at homes ranges from nearby traffic flow, low-flying aircrafts to music and audible conversations coming from your neighbours.

In order to get the best out of double glazing windows, it’s important to understand how noise affects us.

Noise and Its Effects

The perception of noise varies widely from individual to individual. The variation depends upon many factors including the following:

  • The source of a particular noise
  • An individual’s tolerance level of a particular type of noise

Glazing and noise reduction

Double-glazing windows are quite expensive. But one of the undeniable benefits they offer is insulating your home from unnecessary noise.

Proper installation of high-quality double glazing windows or even secondary glazing systems prove very effective in reducing the noise level within your home.

The type of glass used in the replacement windows also plays an important role in noise reduction. Thicker glass is known to provide more noise reduction. At homes, we usually use glass of 4 to 6 mm in thickness for maximum effect. Two or more glass panes are bonded together to build up the window frames. These are called laminates.

Glasses of different thickness prevent different frequencies of noise from entering into your home. Thus, to make your indoors more soundproof, consider installing sealed double or triple glazed units with glasses of different thickness.

Triple Glazing

Technically sound emergency glaziers in London are of the opinion that triple glazed units cater to both the aspects of greater noise reduction and reduced thermal losses. 

Air gap

The length or dimension of the air gap in between the glass panes of a double or triple glazed window unit or a secondary glazing system plays a significant role in noise insulation. The larger the air gap, the greater is the noise insulation.

 Secondary Glazing

In secondary glazing, an additional slim second window is fitted to an existing window. This way you discreetly and unobtrusively make your windows soundproof and insulated. Secondary glazing is common in listed buildings, where you’re restricted to install double glazed windows. The additional glass pane as well as the air gap introduced by secondary glazing contributes to your window’s noise insulation capacity.

Role of Air Gaps and Ventilation on Noise Insulation

Just installing a new range of modern windows and secondary glazing systems won’t facilitate noise insulation in your home. It’s important to ensure that they are fitted and sealed correctly.

Even a minute and negligible air gap around a window is bound to affect its noise reduction quality to a great extent. This is why you need technically competent and experienced glaziers to ensure greater value for your hard-earned money.

Make sure any openings in your windows are tightly closed using high-quality seal. Such commercially manufactured products are present in the market. You can easily pick up one from your local specialist store.

Windows are primarily meant to facilitate ventilation in any building. It is because of the windows that natural light and air can get into your home while keeping your safety, security and privacy uncompromised. Remember that an open window left in night lock position will not help with the noise reduction.

Upgrading or replacing glazed items in your home may not significantly reduce the noise level. This is because unwanted noise may also enter your home from the walls, roof and the floor. Therefore, feel free to discuss your needs and expectations with your glazier right at the beginning, and before any work begins. 

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