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Revolutionised Glazing

Revolutionised Glazing with Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Posted On: 9th Jul 2018

If you intend to save money, you should look after your doors and windows. Energy-inefficient doors and windows in your home cost you about £200 to £225 on the energy bills every year. A glazing expert in London assures, you can easily take advantage and avoid this meaningless expenditure in a hassle-free way. Just install the modern range of energy-efficient glazing.

According to the expert working in a premiere glazing company in London, the latest variety of windows has much improved level of thermal efficiency. Thus, you live in a warmer, cosy environment with reduced energy cost.

Window cleaning and maintenance is a routine task, which costs you a lump sum money every time. To avoid the recurring expense, think about switching over to self-cleaning glasses for your windows and doors. With this variety of window glasses, you don’t need to spend time, money or effort on routine cleansing. This range of products uses the natural light and the rain to reduce the dirt and grime build-up on the surface. During dry spells, you need to arrange a garden hose to facilitate their auto-clean mode.

  • Low-e glass and window film: Window films work as insulator. Thus, with installation of these films, you boost the thermal performance of your windows. Experts associated with a renowned glass company in the city explain, as these make your windows genuinely energy-efficient, you make a substantial saving on power consumption bills.  On the other hand, low-e glass is the shortened form of low-emissivity glass, which also belongs to the energy-efficient variety. This range of glazing products comes with an additional coating on the surface. As a result, the heat transfer through the windows is even minimal.
  • Property re-valuation: If and when you decide to sell your home, do you know how it’ll be evaluated in the market? If the property comes with the energy-efficient windows of the modern times, it will have lucrative offer prices. You better remember that 3 out of every 4 home buyers exclusively prefer properties with energy-efficient doors and windows. It is more important, perhaps, to mention here that this trend is steadily rising across the UK.

The advent of energy-efficient doors and windows has literally revolutionised the concept of glazing in London. These days, people go at any extent to save excess consumption of heat and energy in homes. They choose energy-saving bulbs, solar panels, water-saving shower heads and even thermal wallpaper for the purpose. By investing on the modern range of energy-efficient doors and windows, you can in fact achieve a lot – both in terms of money and energy.