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Prepare Windows Withstand the Upcoming Winter

Tips to Prepare Your Windows Withstand the Upcoming Winter

Posted On: 30th Oct 2019

The winter months are about to set it within a very short time from now. This is the perfect time to make a stock-taking of your windows to determine how fit they are to withstand the upcoming winter, opine experienced glaziers in London. Here we go!

Are the windows double-glazed?

Double glazing windows are invariably more efficient to keep your indoors warm and cosy in the winter months. Double glazing units are although little more expensive but they offer a number of advantages over the conventional single glazed windows.

Skilled mechanics associated with Glaziers London – a reliable glazing company located in West Africa House on Ashbourne Road that provides emergency glass repair – identify those advantages as following:

  • Double glazing window units are more energy-efficient
  • They also filter outdoor noise to keep your indoors calm and noise-free
  • This range of windows is your best bet to keep the home warm and comfortable
  • They offer better security from burglars and other unwanted intruders

Double glazing windows are available in a wide range of types and prices. The units that belong to high-quality are obviously little expensive. But when you’ve high-quality double glazing units installed in your home, you’re just prepared to relax throughout the bitter winter months. 

Bolster your security

Just getting costly double-glazed windows installed does not guarantee you a secured home. Make sure all your double glazing windows have sturdy locks and can be locked properly. It is also important to keep all valuables away from window panes to minimise temptation of burglars.

Take care of the hinges and the handles

Opening and closing any window becomes smooth when the hinges are strong and easily functioning. Double glazing windows are no exception. When you’ve broken hinges to your window, cold draughts easily enter your home reducing the warmth and cosiness. Moreover, broken hinges and handles also contribute to your risk from burglars. To avoid all these unwanted factors, get all the defective hinges and handles fixed as soon as possible.

Beware of ill-fitting window frames

You may have got double-glazing window units installed at your home but if those windows have ill-fitting frames, your indoors is not secured from draughts. Make sure each of the frames is healthy and strong. It is relevant mentioning that wooden frames are prone to get cracked, specially over time. As such, aluminum and uPVC frames too are susceptible to get damaged. Wear out window frames are more likely to compromise with your security aspect too.

Condensation forming between the glass panes

When you notice condensation developing between the two adjacent glass panes of your double glazing windows, you should realise that it is time to replace the existing seal. Broken or worn-out window seals affect energy-efficiency of double glazing units. Mould and rot are likely to develop as a result of this condensation.

Last but nevertheless the least, mechanics dealing in local double glazing window repair in London suggest keeping the windows clean. Clean windows enable maximum natural light to come indoors. When the window panes are coated with dirt, it becomes difficult to see if they have developed cracks or stains.