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Useful Tips from Emergency Glaziers on Your Window Replacement By Glaziers London

Useful Tips from Emergency Glaziers on Your Window Replacement

Posted On: 5th Nov 2018

There are innumerable options to consider for both homeowners and contractors when it comes to improving the efficiency and performance of existing windows. On one hand, you can go for reasonably priced DIY options like replacing the existing weather stripping or reinstalling the window films. While on the other, you can also avail expensive solutions like replacing the entire window unit with a new one.

According to a glazing professional in London, more than often it’s found that homeowners go for an option without properly understanding the other relevant alternatives. Thus, crucial factors like energy efficiency and cost saving are more or less ignored while they zero in upon a particular solution.

The Average life of modern windows:

As far as window replacement is considered, emergency glaziers in London suggest you don’t need to wait till the existing window crumbles to pieces to make room for a new one. Modern windows come with a life, extending anywhere between 15 to 20 years. Vinyl windows – on the other hand – come with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturers, ranging. Those range between 20 to 25-years.

The average lifespan of a window easily covers about 20 years, provided you regularly add caulking, perform tiny repairs and care about insulation. After about 20 years, the entire unit has to be replaced by a new one.

Signs that tell you that the window needs a replacement:

  • Cracked pane or frame: Damages that can be fixed by replacing hardware or a weather stripping should not be delayed and performed immediately. But when you have a cracked window frame or pane, then that tells you a completely different story. Rather than repairing a warped, broken or damaged window frame or sash, it must be immediately replaced with a new one. When the frame gets damaged, it not only affects the aesthetic appeal but also affects the window’s performance in insulating, heating, air conditioning and such other factors. Tiny bugs and insects may also find their way inside your home through those cracks.
  • Fogged glass: This is the typical problem with both double and triple-pane window units. This happens due to the formation of a very tiny hole that is hardly visible and through which condensation gets trapped in between the window panes. However, the problem may also crop from gas leakage for windows that have gas between the panes. The reliable solution to this type of problems is the replacement of the windows in question.
  • Spiralling energy bills: About 40% of your recurrent household cost goes in heating and cooling your home. If there’s a steady increase in your power consumption cost, then chances are high that your windows have problems. On the other hand, replacing old, single-pane windows with modern Energy Star certified products is a smart investment to ensure substantial savings in energy consumption in the coming years.
  • Soft frame: Over the years, moisture suspended in the air wears out wooden window sills. If your window sill is no more rigid and feels too soft when touched, it’s about time to replace it. Even if there’s no other problem with the window, you must replace it immediately. The window may start breaking down at any moment, landing you in a worse soup.

In addition to the issues discussed above, professionals involved in emergency glass repair suggest to replace a window if it’s getting stuck every time while opening and closing. Your windows not only let in fresh air and natural light into your room, but they also ensure the security of your home. Don’t delay in making the necessary replacements.