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What You Should do with a Broken Window Glass in Your Home

What You Should do with a Broken Window Glass in Your Home

Posted On: 18th Aug 2020

Are you having a broken window in your house? If yes, then this is not at all a pleasant view for the family members which can turn into a big hazard soon. Once you are aware of the cause, it is important to clear up the entire mess properly. Make sure you know what should be done in this situation as the choices will help to understand the severity of damage caused, if or not there had been injuries and the effort and money to replace the windows. You need to hire emergency glaziers in London who can help in replacing your broken window and installing a new one.

Necessary steps when a window breaks in your house

  • Know the exact cause for broken windows –

    Before you know how to fix your cracked glass window, it is extremely important to know exact cause behind it. For example, if you are looking for an emergency window repair after passing through an intense storm, then you must make a note of what other belongings in the room might be at greater risk.

    In case there is some kind of damage due to the winds, then you’ll have a bigger problem than that of a broken window. On the other hand, if the window breaks after children are playing, then the incident seem to be isolated and will not lead to any other risks.

  • Secure your affected area

    After you are aware about major cause of the broken window, it still might not be the right time for repair works. For this, you need to block off your affected area in the form of a temporary fixture. Make a request that everyone leaves the room with an affected window and close the door properly

    If there isn’t any door for blocking the area easily, then you should inform the adults and seek for help to keep children and pets away. After everyone is away from the affected area, then you may start with securing those affected windows. When the glass gets shattered because of an impact, there will be small glass pieces scattered everywhere inside the room. Before doing anything near broken windows, try to put some heavy-duty gloves. You have to pick up any stray glass pieces for clearing the entire area so that you can stay protected.

  • Seek help from the right professionals

    An empty window frame will be putting you at greater risk for weather-related problems, theft and pest infestation. When it is already time for repairing a cracked window, then you should call a professional from the reputable window glass company. They will reach your place and then replace broken windows as quickly as possible.

    If your window had been damaged due to burglary or vandalism, then it is advised to call law enforcement officer without delay. Your local police station will be sending an officer for viewing the damage, writing up a report, and then beginning with the process of recovering your belongings that had already been stolen.

    You need to collect everything for moving the glass for disposal purpose. Wrap all glass pieces in paper before placing them into the plastic bags. This will ensure that the glass debris have been bagged properly and also reduces the risk of injury to you or anyone else who might be picking up the trash. After you are ready for cleaning works, begin with the bigger pieces. You need to check if there is any piece of glass left around the frame. If there are pieces of glass hanging, see if it is coming out by itself and put them in the bag with others.

  • Keep a temporary window covering

    When it is about an emergency window repair, the repairman will reach your home soon after the incident. If you are living with an empty frame for sometime, make sure you do not forget to put up a temporary covering for protecting yourself. This will help to avoid the problem related to bad weather, probable intruders from entering your house and pests.


You may use garbage bags, tarp or plastic sheeting to cover the open windows till a repair specialist can offer help.

By following these above-discussed guidelines, you will be assured that your home is safe, comfortable and secure. A broken house window will not ruin your day completely but this is an issue that should be solved quickly. Talk to our glaziers who can help you to install new ones so that everything gets back to normal.